GolfNewsRI’s Top 10 Pro Golf Stories of 2021

It is has been an interesting year in professional golf. 

From some early controversies involving marquee players on the PGA Tour to a local star trying to make his way. 

Not to mention the Brooks Koepka – Bryson DeChambeau rivalry. 

With that said and as a way to wrap the season, here are GolfNewsRI’s Top 10 Pro Golf Stories of 2021

The stories are ranked by the number of page views that each one did. 

GolfNewsRI’s Top 10 Pro Golf Stories of 2021:

10. VIDEO: Justin Thomas Gives Check to Fellow Tour Pro to Help Him Continue his Dream 

9. A Tiger Woods Update from Justin Thomas 

8. Will Dickson’s Long Journey to Professional Golf

7. VIDEO: Justin Thomas Uses Homophobic Slur After Missing Par Putt

6. TPC Boston Taken Out of PGA Tour/FedEx Cup Playoffs Rotation 

5. Koepka Trashes Ryder Cup Experience 

4. Players, Media React to Latest Patrick Reed Controversy 

3. Betting Odds Released on Charlie Woods’ Pending Golf Career 

2. Patrick Reed Leaves Nike, No New Staff Deal in Place 

1. VIDEO: Koepka, Dechambeau – The Hate is Real 

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