Betting Odds Released on Charlie Woods’ Pending Golf Career

Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie, made his national stage debut over the weekend by competing with his legendary father in the PNC Championship in Florida. 

Team Tiger finished seventh, but 11-year-old Charlie stole the show. 

Now, just one day after the tournament ended, you can bet on Charlie’s pending career in professional golf. 

Charlie Woods PHOTO: PGA Tour

According to Sports Betting Dime, Charlie Woods is 825-1 odds to win a major by the age of 25. 

He is 2-1 odds to turn pro before the age of 24 and 1500-1 to win a major before turning 22. 

Not to be left out, the over/under year that he plays in his first major is 2035.5. 

All of this despite not knowing if the young Woods even wants a career in professional golf or pro sports at all. 

People will surely bet on everything these days.  

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