Players, Media React to Latest Patrick Reed Controversy

Patrick Reed has found himself in the middle of another rules controversy on the PGA Tour, this one taking place during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.

And, as expected, everyone has a reaction to it.

Media members, talk show hosts and even a player.

Mike Greenberg PHOTO: ESPN Press Room

See the reactions below:

Andrew Wilson, Challenge Tour Player 

“Pretty sick that we get embedded ball relief every time we hit it in the rough in 2021” 

Jason Sobel, Golf Writer

“Patrick Reed: “The volunteer said the ball did not bounce.” Volunteer marshals do a tremendous job at PGA Tour events and should forever be applauded, but if we’re relying on their judgment to help determine the overall results, we’re doing it wrong.”

No Laying Up Podcast 

“This is absolutely insane! There’s not one good reason for him to have already picked up the ball. I can’t believe they’ve moved on from this so quickly. Especially if the tour is going to encourage gambling, how can they let stuff like this continue to happen?”

Jay Rigdon, Awful Announcing 

“If the PGA Tour is truly comfortable putting huge decisions in the hands of volunteers, which is what this suggests, how should anyone feel comfortable betting on it? What are we even doing?”

Luke Elvy, Voice of PGATour 2k21 

“The rules of golf were designed to ensure the player never touched the ball, unless absolutely necessary.”

Mike Greenberg, ESPN Host  

“If that ball was ruled embedded, every player should call a rules official to check every shot in the rough.”

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