Valley Country Club Under Contract to be Sold

After a year of speculation and rumors, Valley Country Club in Warwick is under contract to be sold, GolfNewsRI has learned. 

The buyer has not been disclosed. 

“While there is a contract for sale of the Club’ property, that contract is subject to numerous contingencies and requires various approvals that must be obtained before any sale could actually take place. At this time, the process to secure those approvals is taking longer than initially anticipated, so we are currently making plans for the future,” Valley General Manager Melodi Caruso told GolfNewsRI. 

While there is a pending sale, nothing is imminent, and Valley expects to remain a fully operational club for at least the next couple of years. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro

“We can tell you that our members have been notified that the Club will be open for golf and operating with all its attending facilities next year, and in all likelihood, will be in full operation the following year. We anticipate remaining as a semi-private country club next year with members having prime playing times and advanced access to reserving tee times,” said Caruso. 

Rumors of Valley’s situation began in May of 2020, but were quickly put to bed. The club then announced that it would remain a golf course in 2021, but would change over to semi-private. 

Following that decision, sources told GolfNewsRI that the club had lost upwards of 100 members. 

Caruso confirmed that on the Jobs and Work Podcast in February of 2021. 

Now, Valley is under contract to be sold. Though, it appears the process is in the very early stages. 

Solar Development Coming? 

One thing that has been rumored to be the City of Warwick is a solar development, or multiple solar developments. 

The Warwick City Council has been meeting on a zoning ordinance related to a solar energy project, however, that ordinance is not specific to Valley. 

Valley has been rumored to be a possible destination. 

“City Council has not heard, evaluated or been presented with anything related to Valley Country Club, at all,” Vincent Gebhart of Warwick City Council told GolfNewsRI.  

Valley CC PHOTO: Joe Calabro

He adds, “If someone wanted to do a solar project at Valley, they would have to submit planning and say here is what we want to do.” 

On Monday, the Warwick City Council “retracted the solar ordinance and imposed a six month moratorium on any solar applications that would come through the City.” 


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