Rumors of Valley CC Being Sold are FALSE

Valley CC has not been sold. PHOTO: Valley Country Club

Rumors that Valley Country Club in Warwick has been sold are false, GolfNewsRI has confirmed following an investigation that included multiple texts and conversations starting on Monday night and extending into Tuesday morning. 

The rumor, which was validated to GolfNewsRI by a former Valley employee, said that the club was sold for development and would be made into condos and a solar wind farm.

According to this person, July 10, 2020 was to be Valley’s last day. 

“Late Monday night we received word that Valley Country Club was sold. This information came from someone who we considered a reliable source and so Rich Cappalli and I treated it as more than just a rumor. After multiple conversations via text and phone calls with people at Valley and in the Rhode Island golf community, GolfNewsRI is confirming that the rumor is not true,” said GolfNewsRI co-founder Joe Calabro. 

According to one source at Valley, as many as, ten people had texted and called him, asking the same thing.

On Tuesday morning, the URI golf team Tweeted “No more golf at Valley.” 

However, that tweet has since been taken down.

About Valley

The group, comprised of more than sixty member investors, purchased Valley Country Club to ensure its financial stability and to maintain the over 60 years of tradition at Valley.

In 2016, the Club began construction on a new members only patio as well as the reconfiguration of the existing deck outside of the grille room. 

In 2019, the Club upgraded its fleet of golf carts to include GPS tracking, bluetooth, USB charging and all of the finest technology available on the market. Valley became one of the few clubs in the region to have this technology.


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