BREAKING: Faxon Part of Team Designing New Golf Course in Florida

Rhode Island’s Brad Faxon has unveiled that he is part of a team designing a new golf course at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. 

“Very excited to be working with Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner to design a new course for Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club. We started moving dirt two weeks ago and have 18 holes w two alternate holes, a new practice area for both courses and a practice field w multiple short hole options,” writes Faxon in an Instagram Post. 

PHOTO: Brad Faxon/Instagram

Over the last year and a half, or so, Faxon has drawn the ire of Rhode Islanders after he, along with a group of investors, bought Metacomet Golf Club in East Providence with a promise to restore it.

After just one year of ownership, and seemingly not a ton of effort put in, the group flipped it for development to Marshall.

The course closed for good at the end of September, and its equipment and furnishings have since been sold at an auction. 

About Jonathan’s Landing 

According to the website: 

“Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club is a premier private Club, nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway in the heart of Jupiter, Florida. This golf and boating community is located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. The Club features two properties, three unique championship golf courses with golf programs for both competitive and social players, a state-of-the-art Tennis & Fitness Center, an array of dining venues and endless exciting social events that will fill your days and evenings.”


  • Faxon is a two face liar he buys a golf course in East Providence RI then he sells it Marshall’s Builders. Don’t like the man or trust him so be very careful.

  • Faxon destroyed a gorgeous Donald Ross designed course in Rhode Island — for profit–he should be banned from golf. I hope he never comes back.

  • Faxon destroyed Metacomet Country Club in East Providence RI.- I would not trust him, be very careful he will sell you down the river

  • Ah yes… the man who bought a pristine 120y/o Donald Ross designed golf course, under the condition it be kept a golf course, and then turned around and sold it to developers a year later for 2x the price. Great integrity; truly a trustworthy and respectable guy.

    Now a golf course that has often been said to be one of the best greens in New England, and had some of the most beautiful land & views in Rhode Island, is being turned into office buildings… in an otherwise quite & peaceful residential neighborhood.

    I’d advise caution in working with a man that puts greed & self-interest over his love and respect for the game of golf and the community he grew up in.

  • It’s hard to believe that Mr.Faxon would have the nerve to associate with any golf club after the questionable purchase of Metacomet Golf Club where he and his 4 associates promised the members that if Faxon 5 bought it they would improve the golf course and its management. Within 10 months,including the winter months Faxon 5 sold it to Marshall Properties for a 7.6 million . Included in this piece of land is an opportunity zone which gives massive tax benefits to the developer. The members of Metacomet picked Faxon 5 group because they trusted Brad Faxon was on their side to restore Metacomet to its former glory. Unfortunately Faxon seems to not have meant one word of his many conversations with the Metacomet members .
    It is really no surprise that one mans outstanding reputation can be turned upside down by his moments of greed and deception. Be careful who you are dealing with.

  • Brad “Bait & Switch” Faxon has no conscience or scruples. He’d sell his own mother if he could make a buck.

  • Nothing but a liar packed with greed.

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  • This new course in Florida is bewildering. Lovely holes, but they are much too close together and wide open. All you here out there is “Fore!” Our group was forced to wait several times while groups cleared the area on OTHER holes! It’s dangerous. Not sure how this happened or what the remedy is. The club has gone to 15 minute tee times in order to keep the course from being too ”crowded”. The course will have to be rerouting or reduced to a 14-hole course to make space for safety. There might even be legal liabilities involved.

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