Metacomet’s Equipment, Furnishing to be Sold at Live Auction

Two months after Metacomet was officially sold, and then closed, all of the club’s equipment and furnishings are now set to be sold at a live internet auction. 

The auction is being hosted by Massachusetts & Philadelphia-based Aaron Posnik & Co. 

PHOTO: Aaron Posnik Auctioneers

The auction will take place on Wednesday, December 9 starting at 10:30 a.m. 

Those interested can inspect the assets on Monday and Tuesday of that week. 

Click here to see the Auction Items

Items Up for Auction 

As the extensive list in the link shows, pretty much everything is up for auction. 

This includes John Deere mowers, bunker rakes, maintenance trucks and lockers.

PHOTO: Aaron Posnik Auctioneers

There is bar equipment such as stools, waffle makers, meat slicers, mixing bowls, beer coolers, tables and more. 

Not to mention the flat screen TV’s that are on the list. The sizes of those are 70’, 60’ 54’ ad 40’ respectively. 

Fitness, kitchen and office equipment are also all up for auction. 

PHOTO: Aaron Posnik

As GolfNewsRI reported, Metacomet was sold to Marshall Development for $7.6 million back in early October, according to the deed filed with the East Providence City Clerk. 

Additionally, the deed shows that the historic golf course sold in April of 2019  for $750,000. 

The City of East Providence assess the property at $4 million that year. 


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