PHOTO: Construction Underway at Met Links

Construction is well underway at Met Links Golf Course in East Providence, formerly known as Metacomet. 

The picture from the Northeast Golf Company shows construction taking place on holes three, four and eight. 

Specifically, the tee boxes. 

PHOTO: Northeast Golf Company

As GolfNewsRI first reported, Met Links will open as a nine-hole course in 2024 and work began in June. 

There is no exact opening date set. 

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Met Links 

As GolfNewsRI reported, Metacomet’s back nine greens were ripped up and sold to Brae Burn Country Club in November of 2021. 

Robert McNeil, President and Principal Architect at the Northeast Golf Company, says that Northeast Golf Company was able to save five additional greens, as well as, the practice putting green. However, Metacomet’s original back nine is gone. 

As for the new nine holes, Northeast Golf Company was given space for seven holes. 

So essentially, they had to fit nine holes in a seven hole frame, meaning some rerouting had to be done. 

“We had old members in mind when we were developing the final routing. How can we make what’s there as good as it could be,” said McNeil.  

In March of 2021, GolfNewsRI got exclusive drone video of the Metacomet clubhouse being destroyed. 

McNeil says that a new clubhouse being built is probably a year or two away. 

“In all likelihood, at the beginning of the program here, there is going to be some type of temporary structure that can place hold as a clubhouse, pro shop, check in point, cart storage area etc… All that is going to be handled mobily from day one and then once the build out of the broader development happens, the clubhouse will be built into that development. Probably a year or two away.” 

There is still some permitting and things going on, but the final plans for the course are set and work will begin in about a month. 

McNeil concludes, “Stay positive about Metacomet because it is going to be special. It’s not a negative story anymore. It’s a positive story now, an exciting opportunity for everyone to walk away from the past and look forward to the future of what this property is going to be.”  

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  • It is a new course and should not be called Metacomet.
    It should be called “Faxons’ Legacy” ..
    Enjoy your money Brad ..

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