Met Links Hole-by-Hole

Robert McNeil gives GolfNewsRI a hole-by-hole breakdown of Met Links.

You will notice that most of the holes used are original Metacomet holes.

Some of them are their original number, while others will be the same hole, just a different number.

Met Links Hole-by-Hole

Hole 1 

“The first hole is essentially the first hole. Number one is number one with all new bunkering, we took down a bunch of trees already. The tee is going to be located a little bit to the left. The green is the green and the hole is the hole. Number one is essentially the same hole.”

Hole 2 

“We looked at a variety of different things for hole two, but in the end, number two is number two. It is exactly the way it is right now, which is a classic golf hole. What we are doing is restoring all the bunkering that is on that hole. The bunkers on the left in the driving area, bunkers near the green, just got lost in the woods.

We are recapturing the original fairway lines, pushing everything out and back where it was from the original Ross pictures.”

Hole 3 

“Number three is number three. We are recapturing the kop bunkers on the left hand side. Those bunkers had been gone for a long long time. In fact when I was there 10 years ago doing work I wanted to get to these bunkers and now finally. They come into play on two holes, three, and the old four. We took down some trees there. Number three has been rebuilt several times in the past. We are going back to the original history of the green complex while recapturing the style of the bunkering. Those bunkers there now are not original.” 

Hole 4 

“Then your going to go up above three and around and end up on the original number seven, which is the par-3 coming back. That is going to be number four. So number seven is going to be number four. You can play from the original tees, and we are going to have tees on the opposite side of the woods or a forward tee (about 90 yards.) We are rebunkering that green, clean up the left hand side, move things over. The green is awesome, the green is really cool.” 

Hole 5 

“Number five sits on the routing of the original number eight up on the plateau and plays over the big divine is going to be a short four. It’s going to be a 300 yard, drivable four on the first three quarters on that hole. It’s going to stop before the ravine, that’s where the green is going to sit. Super strategic, adding bunkers and going to set them next to ravine. Going to be a really cool golf hole.” 

Hole 6 

“Six will play as a par 3 to the original eighth green. It will play over the ravine. All the bunkers will be rebuilt, going to restyle the fairway.” 

Hole 7 

“Seven is going to be another par-3, back-to-back par threes. It will play back to the existing sixth green. We are going to rebuild the green completely because it was facing the other way. Going to rebuild it, face it to us. So that’s going to be number seven.”

Hole 8 

“Number eight is going to be the existing fourth hole. You have the pot bunkers on the left, we are restoring all the bunkering. It’s going to play just the way it did.” 

Hole 9 

“The ninth hole is going to be the existing number five. The par -3, classic Ross raised plateau par-3 with all new fairway contouring around it, new bunkering.” 


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