VIDEO: The International Addresses Hosting Controversial LIV Golf Event

The controversial LIV Golf Tour is coming to The International in Bolton, Massachusetts in September, as GolfNewsRI reported. 

LIV Golf is headed by Greg Norman and financially backed by the Saudis. It has created controversy and division across the golf world. 

Earlier this week, GolfNewsRI asked International General Manager Steve Brennan about hosting the tournament and any backlash that came from it. 

“From a backlash standpoint, our membership, this is about the club and at the end of the day the membership we are building and building it with the right members. It was a surprise to everybody, it came together very quickly and is another way to showcase this club internationally and that’s what we want to do. The members have been overwhelmingly supportive of the event and us hosting it. And we look at it, our job is just to have a good golf course and let them come play, the rest of the stuff doesn’t really come into our life, we are here to put a golf tournament on,” said Brennan. 

Steve Brennan, International GM

The few members that GolfNewsRI talked to at the media event did not have a problem with the tournament coming to their club. 

One member told us, “I think if it brings some money and notoriety to the club it will be good. I’m sure there is some push back, we lose the course for the week, but that’s the cost of doing business.” 

The International is owned by Escalante Golf, who also owns Pumpkin Ridge in Oregon (famous for Tiger winning his final U.S. Am). 

Pumpkin Ridge is hosting a LIV Golf event in July. 

According to the Sports Business Journal (SBJ), members there are not happy. 

“I don’t know any member who thinks this is good for the club,” one member told SBJ.  

LIV Golf comes to The International on Labor Day weekend. 

As GolfNewsRI reported, tickets are now on sale. Though there has been no indication of who exactly will be in the field. 


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