Town of Bolton Approves LIV Golf Event at The International

The Town of Bolton gave its approval for The International to host the LIV Golf Tournament over Labor Day Weekend. 

The town gave the approval during the Bolton Select Board meeting on June 16. 

“It appears the International and Escalante (the parent company of The International) is following the laws and has met with all the boards and committees. I see no reason we cannot approve the application to have the event they’re asking for on Labor Day weekend,” said Chairman Stan Wysocki in the meeting. 

Welcome to the International

Back in May, GolfNewsRI asked International General Manager Steve Brennan about hosting the controversial tour. 

“The members have been overwhelmingly supportive of the event and us hosting it. And we look at it, our job is just to have a good golf course and let them come play, the rest of the stuff doesn’t really come into our life, we are here to put a golf tournament on,” said Brennan. 

The International is owned by Escalante Golf, who also owns Pumpkin Ridge in Oregon (famous for Tiger winning his final U.S. Am). 

Pumpkin Ridge is hosting the LIV Golf event this week. 

Plans for The International 

According to consultant Kelly Durfee Cardoza of Par 5 Group, the group that is running the event parking will included limited sites around the club, as well as, parking and shuttles from Lancaster Fairgrounds. 

The security is seemingly going to be tight, as there will be scanning and the tickets are going to be “chipped” to control access. 

Residents in the area will be given special passes so they can get to their homes as roads will be blocked off. 

According to the meeting, attendance would be capped at 6,500 per day, including staff, volunteers, vendors, spectators, players and security personnel. 

According to Cardoza, it is estimated that $30 million is being spent, and there will be $1 million given out in charity donations. 

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