RIGA’s Balthaser Among Warwick Club Champions Crowned Monday

Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) Communication Director Dalton Balthaser beat Steve Merluzzo to win the Warwick Club Championship on a rainy Labor Day Monday afternoon. 

PHOTO: Warwick CC

Balthaser held as much as a four-up lead on the first 18, before Merluzzo cut it to just two-up through 28 holes, before Balthaser closed it out.


In the Warwick Ladies Club Championship, former St. Mary’s-Bay View Star Brooke Brennan took the title. 

PHOTO: Warwick CC

Brennan won the Girls High School State Championship in 2021. 

The Ladies Net Club Championship went to Jeanne Carhart, the Girls Championship went to Kaleigh Catucci and the Boys Championship went to Raj Mammen. 

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