Media War: Two Prominent Golf Voices get into Heated Exchange

Two of the more prominent voices in golf media found themselves in a heated Twitter exchange on Monday morning.

GolfWeek writer Eamon Lynch and former CBS Golf analyst Peter Kostis. 

The war of words began with Kostis being critical of Lynch’s most recent GolfWeek column, calling out players for going overseas and playin in the Saudi tournament. 

“I detest selective outrage and morality. China keeps Uyghurs in concentration camps and we hold Olympics there. Meanwhile, golfers playing in Saudi are labeled stooges? Either call out injustice everywhere, or be quiet. Consistency of moral outrage would be nice,” Kostis fired first. 

Lynch then responded calling into question Paul Casey, who Kostis works with. 

The exchange continued from there as you can see in below. 

This reminds us of our own twitter battle with Kostis back in 2020. 

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