FIRST LOOK: Kirkbrae Begins Renovation of 16th Hole

Kirkbrae has begun work on the 16th hole renovation. 

The 16th hole at Kirkbrae is about a 330 yard dog-leg right with a big tree jutting out in the middle of the fairway to make the tee shot slightly more difficult. 

The new look 16th hole will still have the big tree in the middle, but fairway will run on both sides of it so that players have an option. 

The 16th hole from the green. Fairway on both sides of the big tree. PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

As you can see in the pictures below, the large tree still has some thick rough around it so players who try to take on the tree could end up with a tough second shot. 

Work to Do 

While the new look 16th hole looks cool, there is still work to be done. 

Over the next month or so, more trees will be cut down and three bunkers will be added around the green. 

The hole previously had no bunkers on it. 

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