Plug Pulled on Proposal to Develop Mulligan’s Island

The proposal to develop Mulligan’s Island into “Cranston Crossing” has been pulled by the Massachusetts-based developer Coastal Partners LLC. 

According to a letter sent to Cranston City Council on Wednesday, the developer (through a lawyer) wrote “The applicant hereby withdraws the subject application.” 

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Read the Letter Below 

The Cranston City Council was set to vote on the project on Thursday. 

From the start, the project received a ton of push back from the community and from the Cranston City Council.

Back in August, City Council President Michael Farina rejected the proposal during a walk through, which GolfNewsRI took LIVE.

As GolfNewsRI reported earlier this month, Mulligan’s Island owner Michael Friedman called on the City of Cranston to accept the proposal. 

“Please accept this letter as our written testimony in support of the proposed Cranston Crossing project at Mulligan’s Island. As owners of Mulligan’s for over 20-years, we are uniquely qualified to reveal the true nature of this site, its potential, and the likely outcomes for the City of Cranston,” wrote Friedman. 

It is unknown what the future of Mulligan’s Island will be as the owners are desperately trying to move on from it, and have been for some time.

At this moment, it is also unknown if Coastal Properties LLC will seek to build somewhere else in Cranston, or move on from the project all together.

Letter to Cranston City Council

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