BREAKING: Cranston City Council Pres. Farina Rejects Proposal to Develop Mulligan’s Island

Cranston City Council President and Mayoral Candidate Michael Farina publicly rejected Capital Properties proposal to develop Mulligan’s Island. 

The rejection came during a public meeting of the City Council and Planning Commision on Tuesday night at Mulligan’s Island. 

“Looking at this project realistically and seeing what it is, the grand scale of it is too much for this site,” Farina said. 

“I’m not against development, I think Mulligan’s is looking to sell, they are looking to close this operation. The idea that smaller businesses in the area are making money I don’t think means anything, the fact Mulligan’s owns it and is looking to sell, looking to develop. But I don’t think this development is right for this area,” said Farina to a loud round of applause. 

Overall, the meeting lasted for nearly a full hour and was attended by Speaker Nicholas Mattielllo and Mayor Allan Fung, as well as, City Council members and as many as 60+ residents. 

“Joining Oak Hill neighbors at a site visit to oppose the planned Costco development at Mulligan’s Island, an inappropriate use at this site. It will cause traffic and noise headaches and water runoff problems, causing property values to be reduced,” said Mattiello in a tweet. 

Farina urged residents to continue to voice concerns about the development and send in emails as discussions will continue to be had about the proposal.

Watch the Full Meeting HERE


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