USGA to Make More Changes to Handicap System for 2021

After undergoing significant changes prior to last season, the USGA is making more changes to its handicap (GHIN) system for the 2021 season. 

Starting in January of 2021, the USGA is requiring digital profiles for all golfers using the and GHIN Mobile App. 

This means that each user will have to have an email associated with their profile in order to log in and post scores. 

According to the USGA, this change is being made to improve data security.

Starting in mid-January, the USGAwill log everyone out of their accounts and require them to sign back in using the email and created password. 

Click here for more information on Digital Profiles

Minor Guardian 

The USGA will also be introducing the Minor Guardian. 

“A minor will need to be tied to a guardian’s account within the USGA Admin Portal.  In January 2021, the guardian will see a “Change Golfer” link when logging in to the GHIN Mobile App and Here the guardian can change who they are posting scores for.  A Club Admin can also post a score on behalf of a minor via the USGA Admin Portal,” writes the USGA on its website.

Those golfers who are under 13-years-old will not be able to create a profile, provide an email or get into the mobile app or 

Their profiles must be connected to a guardian who can access the GHIN apps and post for them. 

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