Rick Holcomb: 39 Minutes & 17 Seconds

On April 20, 1973, Rhode Island’s Rick Holcomb set the east coast speed golf record.

Holcomb played Triggs Memorial Golf Course in 39 minutes and 17 seconds, running the entire way.

Here is his recollection of the day: 

It was a beautiful morning that day, I teed off at 8 a.m. on the first tee at Triggs.

By 8:39:17 I had played 18 holes, running the entire way, and carded an 89. 

Rick Holcomb played Triggs in 39 minutes. PHOTO: Chris Urbanowicz

How it Worked

So during the round, there were two stop watches keeping time. 

Also, there were two of my friends on a cart. 

In fact, the driver was two-time State Amateur champion Leo Marcotte, and the other person on the cart was Joe MacDonald. 

Leo would club me, and Joe would throw the club to me on the run. It was quite the set up. 

At that time, Triggs played 6,500 yards. 

I played the first nine in 17:02 and then played the back nine in 22:15. 

I set the east coast record.

The world record at that time was held by a guy named of Dick Kimbrough from Nebraska, however, his course yardage was just 6012. 

It was an awesome day.

The main reason I went for the record was to show people that it doesn’t have to take 5+ hours to play a round of golf. 

Rick Holcomb is a golf professional, who currently gives lessons at the Warren Golf Range  in Warren, Rhode Island. 

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