Course Review: Lincoln CC – November 16, 2023

Every time I say I’m done playing golf for the year, I am pulled back in. 

I guess the game has a way of doing that to us. 

On this beautiful November day, I took my talents to Lincoln Country Club to play with head pro Nick Maresca. 

Nick Maresca

After spending time as a kid at Triggs, and before making the jump to Kirkbrae, I was a member at Lincoln for several years so it is always nice to go back. 

I played their earlier this year in a tournament, but apparently I did not write a review.

Lincoln is short-ish 9-hole course that forces you to hit precise shots into fairways and small greens. 

If you can’t do that, you will learn how to do it very quickly. 

Growing up, the course was great because I could go there myself or with friends and walk the course, play and practice and never really be too far away from the clubhouse or the parking lot.  

On this day, thankfully, we took a cart. 

The Course 

Given that it’s November, you never know what you are going to get going to play golf – aeration, poor conditions etc… 

It’s just that time of year. 

However, I did not find any of that at Lincoln. 

Lincoln Country Club Hole 2 PHOTO: Joe Calabro

The tee boxes and fairways were in great shape and so was the rough. 

I was in the rough often because I hit lots of bad shots, given that I haven’t played in some time. 

One element about fall (winter?) golf that is always dangerous is the leaves. 

There are leaves everywhere on every course and you can easily lose your ball. 

I definitely lost a ball or two today, but not because of the leaves. 

While we were playing, there were workers all over the course blowing the leaves away as best they could. 

My dad lost one ball in the leaves on seven, but we actually ended up finding it the second time around, which was funny. 

The greens at Lincoln are always tricky, but I found them to be in good shape. 

They rolled pretty good given that it’s November, but slower than what they would be if it was the middle of the summer. 

The edges of some of the greens, 4 & 6 are two that I noticed, were a little beat up, but did not come into play as far as us putting. 

I actually made a couple of pars and had a few other really good putts on the round, so I was happy about that. 

Overall, it was a great day at Lincoln Country Club. 

Anytime you can steal a golf round in November, you have to do it. 

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