Brad Faxon on Metacomet “Didn’t get involved with that to sell it”

GolfNewsRI caught up with Brad Faxon at Button Hole on Tuesday and asked him about the Metacomet situation and how it all went down.

Due to legal matters, he couldn’t say too much, but he did offer some thoughts.

“We certainly didn’t get involved with that to sell it, but there were extenuating circumstances that we didn’t know about, and I can’t talk about right now,” said Faxon.

To our knowledge, Faxon hasn’t made any other public comments about Metacomet or the sale to this point.

He also talks about the nine-hole Met Links that is opening in 2024 and the benefits of a nine hole golf course.

GolfNewsRI will have more with Faxon and Billy Andrade on Wednesday.

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  • That is such a bold faced lie ! At least own it Brad ! If that were the case? Other golf entities were interested !

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