Spargo Golf Named Among America’s Best Clubfitters

Spargo Golf has been named one of the best club fitters in America by Golf Digest. 

They were the only location listed for Rhode Island. 

“We are honored and kind of blown away. Thank you to everyone who continues to trust us to gap their clubs, fix equipment and make sure they are maximizing their fun playing golf,” writes Spargo in a social media post. 

Spargo Golf is located at Button Hole after being housed at Mulligan’s Island for the longest time. 

“More than 1,000 facilities were reviewed, which included nomination forms that detailed each facility’s resources, tools, expertise and fitting methodolgy. We also conducted a poll of leading equipment-company experts and our nationwide panel of more than 2,000 Golf Digest course-ranking panelists. In addition, for the first time ever, an online poll of Golf Digest subscribers generated nearly 10,000 votes,” writes Golf Digest about the rankings. 

About Spargo 

Spargo provides all types of services for golfers, including club fitting, club fixing, club making and other customizations. 

“Spargo Golf has established a working relationship with golfers at every level of the game. We have fitted and performed work for many of the top Amateur players in the world. As rewarding as the success of our professionals and amateurs is, We gain the greatest satisfaction from professionally and properly fitting YOU the average golfer, YOU the Beginning Golfer, YOU the Woman Golfer, YOU the Senior Golfer, YOU the Golfer with a passion for the game of golf and for the enjoyment of the game of golf. Let us provide you with the best fit for your game,” writes Spargo on their website. 

Spargo first opened in 1988. 

They had been located at Mulligan’s Island for more than 14 years. 

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  • Jon and Steve are the best at what they do. Best in quality, customer service and club fitting.

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