Course Review: Quidnessett – July 10, 2023

I got the opportunity to play Quidnessett Country Club for the first time on Monday, July 10 in a charity event. 

Yes, that’s the day that it down poured in the morning, causing some flooding around the state. 

Well, by 1 p.m. the rain was gone and the tournament went on as scheduled. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro

Prior to teeing off, the head pro talked to us about how well the course drains and that we should not have problem. 

Well, he was right. Other than a couple of spots, you would have never known it rained. 

Before we get on the course, I should note that this was a scramble tournament and so I did not get to test out every putt, shot or bunker. 

With that said, here we go. 

The Course 

I had never played Quidnessett before so I was excited to see the tournament was going to go on and the weather was going to clear up. 

Though, the drive up there certainly was not too much fun.

Anyway, we started on the par-5 14th hole right along the water, which was a great way to start. 

Hole #14 at Quid PHOTO: Joe Calabro

I stripped a drive down the middle and we ended up making a team birdie on the hole after I made the putt. 

I made the birdie putt on the 15th hole as well. 

The 15th was the only hole that had some standing water in the fairway, but it did not come into play at all. 

Every part of the course was in great condition, the tees, fairways and greens were immaculate. 

It was also challenging. 

Each group was given mulligans to use and I am pretty sure we used all of ours on the greens, trying to make birdies. 

The 12th hole is a really cool par 3 going toward the water. For a hole that doesn’t appear to be that long, its is challenging. 

Hole 12 at Quid PHOTO: Joe Calabro

We all missed a birdie putt and saved par. 

Our last hole was the 13th hole, which is a dog leg right with houses on the left side. 

The only thing I was thinking on the tee box was don’t put this ball into someone’s living room. With that in my mind, I hit a terrible shot, but didn’t break a window.

There are other tee shots similar to this, though the houses were not really a factor. 

But, the first hole and tenth holes, it feels like you practically are teeing off in someone’s yard. 

One thing I thought was really cool about Quidnessett was each hole had a name and they were all engraved on these plaques. 

So like the first hole said “The Beginning,” the third hole was “The Snake,” the tenth hole said “Fresh Start.” 

I don’t know how many courses in the state name their holes, I’m sure there are a couple, but it’s not something you see that often. 

Also the fact that Quid showed the names off so prominently was pretty cool. 

Given how the morning started, it ended up being a great day for golf. 

I think we finished at 10-under as a team, but did not win the event. 

I had a great experience at Quidnessett. 

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