Golfers Needed for Research Study

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Calling all golfers!!

National mental golf coach Richard Goldberg, MD., (Dr. Rich Golf)  is seeking golfers willing to participate in a research study to define mental activities during the golf swing.  

Dr. Rich has worked with golfers across the country on the mental aspects of the game.

Dr. Rich

Golfers will participate in about a half hour interview that can be done over the phone, “but is better, and more useful, when you can hit some golf balls.” 

Those wanting to meet in person can work with Dr. Rich on determining the location. 

For golfers interested in taking part in this study, or learning more about mental coaching, contact Dr Rich at 401-578-3887 or

About Rich Goldberg, MD 

Professor (Emeritus) of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Dr Goldberg is the Founder of Dr Rich Golf, a golf mental coaching program. 

Most recently, he authored the book “Better Golf, Better Life.”

Dr. Rich brings together experience from a 45 year career in psychiatry, 25 years of competing in endurance athletics, including Ironman triathlon, and 50 years study of Eastern philosophy and mindfulness meditation. 

Dr Rich has coached golfers at many levels to improve their golf game and the enhance their lives.

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