Will Dickson Returning to Rhode Island for Providence Open

Will Dickson is returning to Rhode Island to play in the Providence Open at Triggs Memorial Golf Course, he told GolfNewsRI. 

Dickson just added the tournament to his schedule within the last few days. 

“When I was thinking about my schedule and I was like, man, I’d love to play the Providence Open. It’s my hometown open, run by the U.S. Challenge Cup, Dave Adamonis and Steve Feinstein. I grew up at Triggs and Button Hole playing Challenge Cup,” said Dickson. 

Will Dickson PHOTO: Georgia Tech

Dickson says he would go and watch the Providence Open as a kid every year with his dad. 

This year, his dad will be caddying for him in the tournament. 

“It’s going to be super special. I think it will be the first time my dad has seen me play golf or even hit a golf ball in three or four years, at least. That’s the other reason why I wanted to play, I miss Rhode Island in the summer and I just wanted to come home and try to see everybody,” Dickson tells GolfNewsRI. 

While it will be special to be home, Dickson was quick to point out that this is very much a business trip. 

“I’m going up there for one reason and on reason only and that’s to try to win that tournament. I think I have a really good chance. Hopefully it’s going to be a cool couple of days to share with my dad.” 

This will be Dickson’s first competitive round in Rhode Island since 2017, when he walked off the course at Cranston Country Club having won his fourth straight High School State Championship. 

‘It’s probably the most excited I’ve been to play a golf tournament in a long time. I’m looking forward to it a lot,” said Dickson. 

The Providence Open is July 6-7 at Triggs. 

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The Field 

Others in the field as of now include Kevin Blaser, Nick Emery, Harry Dessel, Bryce Garthee, newly minted pro Andrew O’Leary, among others. 

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