Links Drinks Announces Transfusion Open Golf Tournament

Links Drinks will host the “Transfusion Open” this summer with the winning four-man scramble team getting a trip to Pinehurst. 

“We’re excited to announce the Links Drinks Transfusion Open coming this Summer. Winning team wins a trip to Pinehurst,” the company writes. 

PHOTO: Links Drinks

There will be seven qualifiers with the winning team from each qualifier playing in the championship at Mohegan Sun Golf Club. 

Qualifiers will be held in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 

The Rhode Island qualifier will be held on Monday, August 14 at Wanumetonomy.

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The Links Drinks Story 

On their website, Links Drinks writes the following: 

We are the Evanko family.  Fred has been playing golf his whole life.  His grandfather was a PGA professional.  

Along the way, he started drinking a cocktail found at golf clubs called a Transfusion, made with vodka, ginger ale and grape juice. 

Eventually having a light bulb moment about canning this great tradition and so, Links Drinks was born.  We have been married for over 20 years & are a great team.  Fred’s golf experience & Denise’s creative background have helped make this cocktail in a can dream a reality, along with some amazing family & friends! 

Our son Riley is off to college & there is a fourth member of our family we can’t leave out, our beloved Grace, who passed away from cancer in 2013.  

We try to honor her memory every day & plan to donate a portion of our profits to help other families dealing with pediatric cancer.  

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