Brad Faxon Reveals He Had Skin Cancer

Brad Faxon has been on Golf Channel over the last few days providing analysis for the PGA Championship. 

In that time on television, many have noticed that his right eye (looking at the picture) is a bit of a mess. 

On Wednesday, Faxon took to social media to unveil that he had skin cancer near his eye and is recovering from Mohs surgery. 

Brad Faxon PHOTO: Brad Faxon/Twitter

“As some of you may have seen, my eye is currently healing. Last week, I had Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer near my eye,” Faxon said. 

He adds, “Make sure you protect yourself when out in the sun and get an annual skin check.” 

Faxon will be on Live From throughout the week, and will be broadcasting the PGA Championship for Sky Sports. 

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