Will Dickson’s Journal – Week of March 27, 2023

GolfNewsRI is excited to partner with former Moses Brown star Will Dickson to chronicle his journey through professional golf. 

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Setting Up

After just barely missing out on the Korn Ferry Tour Monday Q and then missing the G-Pro Tour cut last week, Dickson drives several hours to Greensboro, North Carolina for the G-Pro Tour’s Forest Oaks Classic.

The tournament is being played at Forest Oaks Country Club.

G-Pro Tour – Forest Oaks Classic

March 28 -30

It was a course that I’ve played before. I played it last summer in a Monday qualifier, where I shot 66 at and had to wait around the course for like, six hours for everybody to come in out the first one off and someone finished like Birdie, Eagle to shoot seven under and knock out all the six-unders. So that was, that was pretty disappointing, not to be to qualify for that  tournament.

But anyway,  I have knowledge of the course. So it’s a good course. They hosted a PGA Tour  event for over 20 years. I think it’s a Davis Love design course.  

We we got there Sunday night. It was almost a five hour drive, so we got there around dinner time, had a good dinner and then the next day it was just a nice easy day, played a practice round around noon time to 4 p.m.

I was feeling good, ready to go and, the first day obviously didn’t go my way. So that was disappointing. 

I didn’t really feel that prepared for it mentally.  It’s funny how important a role your mind plays and, playing really good golf and, I just wasn’t, I wasn’t ready to perform to my abilities.  

Will Dickson PHOTO: Georgia Tech

The good news is when you go off in the morning, you have all afternoon to practice. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the range talking with my coach. We talked through a lot of stuff. He sent me a lot of great messages, and that’s the good thing about having the coach that I do is we’re so close. He’s almost like a second father to me and I can ask him anything I want, we can talk about anything so to have him available to speak to after a tough day was really nice. 

So he put me into a good frame of mind for the next day and went out there and gave it all I had, I knew I had to play really well in order to make the cut and almost pulled it off. I knew I had to make Eagle on the last hole.

I got it going on the back nine early there and I knew I had a chance. I just, I didn’t make enough down the stretch. 

One whole remaining I knew I had to make eagle if I wanted to have any chance of making the cut. 

I had a really good drive and I hit my second shot to about 25 ft and made the putt.

We always believe that we can make Eagles. We believe that if we have to hit a shot we’ll be able to hit the shot. 

If we have to make a putt, we’ll be able to make the putt. So I never doubted myself that I couldn’t make Eagle there. You just have to really lock in and make the best couple swings you can and then there’s a little bit of luck involved as well, obviously, making a 25 ft putt or whatever.

You can hit a perfect putt and then not go in. So you have to have a little bit of luck. It just boils down hitting a couple of really good shots and just trusting what you got and truly committing 100% to, to each shot. 

I did everything I could there to make it happen. But, sometimes things just don’t go your way.

The second day was a good round of golf, I felt a lot better out there. I hit a lot of better quality shots. 

I think I’m gonna build off that a lot and it’s a big stepping stone and take that into this coming week.

Will Dickson is back on the G-Pro Tour in the Sanctuary Championship from April 4-6.

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