LINX Golf Opens in North Kingstown

LINX Golf, a new indoor golf facility, has officially opened for business in North Kingstown. 

The facility provides indoor simulator bays, beer, wine and appetizers. 

“Excited and proud to announce that we will be having a soft opening weekend for Thanksgiving! We will open our doors for the first time tonight at 6PM! We won’t have our full menu available however we will have some things to nibble on, cold beers, and wines to try! Hope to see you and yours soon,” writes LINX Golf on Facebook. 

PHOTO: Facebook

LINX Golf is located at 6657 Post Road. 

LINX is the latest indoor facility to open in Rhode Island following X-Golf Lincoln, Shanks, and inverted Fitness. 

About LINX 

On their website, LINX writes: 

The light bulb moment came on a casual phone call with a cousin. It was time to step away from the corporate grind and follow our hearts to serve our community and support our family all at once. 

This great game called golf was birthed in Scotland where they used to compete for silverware…really, use the google machine. Today it is enjoyed across the globe by millions of players, of all ages and skill levels, the silverware you can still use to eat our delicious food. 

We believe golf is a microcosm of life. It is extremely difficult to succeed, you seemingly never get to a point where you feel like you’ve figured it all out, and its always best enjoyed surrounded by the people you love…or folks who are just that fun, and help you forget about how your round is going!

Our facility will allow you to enjoy all the great aspects of golf in a fun environment safe from the elements, and provide you with all of the necessary data to help you shave crucial strokes off of your game. Whether you are trying to earn your tour card, or just trying to unwind after a rough day at work, allow us to help you enjoy the game of life while playing the game of golf alongside people you love.

We chose North Kingstown because we wanted to provide a service to the community we call home, a community that we have loved raising our children in. We look forward to serving you and your family for years to come the same way the game of golf has served us. With your help, we wish to continue to grow this great game by providing you and yours with an amazing experience each and every time you step foot in our facility. We look forward to seeing you on the Linx!

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