PHOTO: Augusta National’s Famed 13th Hole Just Got Longer

It looks like Augusta National’s famed par-5 13th hole just got longer. 

An aerial photo courtesy of eureka Earth shows that the tee box has been extended, meaning the whole will now play well over 500 yards. 


As Eureka Earth points out in the tweet below, last year, the hole measured at 510 yards. 

Prior to the 2022 Masters, Augusta Chairman Fred Ridley was asked about extending the tee box. 

“That’s something that certainly we have considered and will continue to consider. At some point in time, it’s something that we likely will do. We just don’t have anything to say about it right now,” Ridley said. 

Over the years, the famed hole has become somewhat of an easy par-5 and a near guaranteed birdie for players. 

“The fact that players are hitting middle- to short-irons into that hole is not really how it was designed,” added Ridley. 

We will see how it looks in April. 

Just another reason to look forward to The Masters. 

Top Photo: Nate Weigle/Flickr Commons

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