PGA Tour U Announces Big Overhaul

PGA Tour University has announced a significant overhaul to how college players can get to the PGA Tour faster. 

The changes were rumored to have happen for a few weeks, but became official on Monday. 

“Success at the highest levels of college and amateur golf has proven to be a strong indicator of a player’s potential as a professional golfer. The first two classes of PGA TOUR University alumni have shown us that these players are ready to compete and win immediately, and these two additions to the program further strengthen our commitment to college golf and will provide future stars with direct access to the PGA TOUR,”  said PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan. 

Currently, Rhode Island’s Patrick Welch is ranked eighth in PGA Tour U with one semester of college to go. 

The New Changes 

According to a press release from the PGA Tour, the changes are as follows: 

  • The No. 1 player in the final PGA TOUR University Velocity Global Ranking will become a PGA TOUR member and eligible for all open, full-field events following the conclusion of the NCAA Championship. The Velocity Global Ranking includes seniors who meet eligibility criteria.
  • Juniors, sophomores and freshmen who achieve elevated benchmarks in college, amateur and professional golf can earn PGA TOUR membership through a new program called PGA TOUR University Accelerated. Once the benchmarks are met, the player would become a PGA TOUR member and eligible for all open, full-field events following the conclusion of the NCAA Championship. A detailed overview of PGA TOUR University Accelerated, including the threshold needed to earn PGA TOUR membership, is provided below.

Accelerated Program

        • Win a major college golf award: Haskins Award (3 points), Hogan Award (3 points), D-I Nicklaus Award (3 points), D-I Outstanding Freshman Award (2 points)

  • Career-best rank in WAGR (No. 1 = 5 points, No. 2 = 4 points, No. 3 = 3 points, No. 4 = 2 points, No. 5 = 1 point)
  • Tournament wins: D-I NCAA individual (3 points), U.S. Amateur (3 points), The Amateur (3 points), Western Amateur (2 points), European Amateur (2 points), Latin America Amateur (2 points), Asia-Pacific Amateur (2 points)
  • Participate in a national team competition: Walker Cup (2 points), Palmer Cup (1 point), World Amateur Team Championship (1 point)
  • Performance in official PGA TOUR events and Major Championships. Points are accumulated for each of the following achievements:
    • 1 point = Made cut in an official PGA TOUR event
    • 1 point = Top-10 finish in an official PGA TOUR event
    • 1 point = Compete in a Major Championship (Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, The Open Championship)
    • 1 point = Made cut in a Major Championship
    • 2 points = Top-20 finish in a Major Championship
    Examples:• 13th in a Major Championship = Compete (1) + Made cut (1) + Top-20 (2) = 4 points
    • 7th in an official PGA TOUR event = Made cut (1) + Top-10 (1) = 2 points

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