PGA Tour Player DQ’d for “Knowingly” Playing with 15 Clubs

PGA Tour player Mark Hubbard was disqualified from the Houston Open on Friday for “knowingly” playing with 15 clubs. 

According to the Golf Channel, Hubbard told a Tour media official that he started the round with one driver, but then added a second driver at the turn and used it several times on the back nine. 

Mark Hubbard PHOTO: Titleist

The rules of golf state, “When a player becomes aware during a round that he or she is in breach of Rule 4.1b(1), (2) or (3) for having more than 14 clubs or for making a stroke with another player’s club, the player must immediately take an action that clearly indicates each club that is being taken out of play.”

Hubbard did not think that the penalty was disqualification, he thought it was just a two shot penalty per hole. 

That is normally the rule, however, because Hubbard knew he was playing with 15 clubs and did not take “immediate action,” he was DQ’d. 

It should be noted that Hubbard was likely going to miss the cut anyway, marking his third straight missed cut on the PGA Tour. 

For what it is worth, Hubbard was one-over on that back nine with two birdies.

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