Course Review: Beaver River – September 19, 2022

While the golf season is definitely winding down, the fall presents a great opportunity to get out and play under cooler conditions. 

This week I got to play Beaver River Golf Club in Hope Valley, Rhode Island as part of the Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) weekly tournaments. 

I had previously never played Beaver River so was looking forward to playing there. 

The Course 

Going into the round, I was told by several of my golfing pals that Beaver River was narrow and short. Both of those turned out to be pretty true. 

Beaver River

Beaver River is a par 70 course, measuring just over 6,000 yards, which is relatively sort by today’s standards. 

In this particular event, we played from the tips (blue tees), and while it wasn’t a huge difference (between blue and white tees) on every hole, there was certainly significant distance added on a handful of the holes. 

Overall, I found the course to be in decent shape. 

The fairways and tee boxes had a few rough spots on them where there was no grass, mostly along the edges, but there was more than enough space to get a good lie or a good spot to tee it up. 

Some of the greens had some dirt spots along the fringes, but the actual putting surface themselves were fine. 

Greens were slower than I am used too, but they were in good condition overall. 

One thing that made the course tough, especially for us first timers, was the handful of blind tee shots and a couple of blind second shots. 

Eventually, we drove up ahead to see the hole and to make sure we were not going to kill the group ahead of us. 

Beaver River does have bells on the course for you to ring when you’re done, letting the group behind you know that they are good to hit. 

The first hole at Beaver River

The other thing that made the course tricky, at least for us, was some crazy bounces around the green. 

I thought I hit some great shots (key word is some), and the ball would take a big bounce and roll off the back. 

Did my best to land the ball short and let it run up. 

Overall, it was a good day at Beaver River, a challenging but fun course. 

If it wasn’t a Monday, I most certainly would have stopped into the Alaina’s Alehouse after the round. 

Maybe next time. 

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