The Triggs Bid: Rhode Island Golf Association

On Wednesday, September 14, GolfNewsRI obtained copies of the three bids to operate and manage Triggs Memorial Golf Course. 

The bids are all public information and can be found through the City of Providence Open Meetings Portal. 

Given that the bids are nearly 200 of pages long, we do our best to break each one down and pull out what we think you – the golfers – would find interesting. 

The RIGA Bid

Of the three bids, the Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) bid the most money at $3,000,840.00. 


That total can be found right on page one of the bid. 

On page seven of the document is a breakdown of how much RIGA is offering to pay for each year of the lease (10 years). 

The breakdown, according to the docs, is as follows: 

2023 – $275,000.00 

2024 & 2025- $280,000.00 

2026 & 2027 – $290,000.00 

2028 – $298,700.00 

2029 – $307,661.00 

20230 – $316,891.00 

2031 – $326,398.00 

2032 – $336,190.00 

One of the big things in the RFP was the City calling for significant improvements to the property. 

On page eight, RIGA is proposing 1, 270,000.00 in improvements. 

RIGA Executive Director Bob Ward’s resume is posted on page 10 and the RIGA staff, officers and Vice Presidents are listed on page 11. 

On page 12 is RIGA’s structure and managing Triggs. Every position is listed as TBD at the moment. 

Page 13 is interesting as RIGA lays out their marketing plan for Triggs, as well as, their 2023 budget. 

“The Rhode Island Golf Association will create a new modernized website for Triggs. We will also create all appropriate social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. A weekly email blast will be sent to subscribers with updated details on upcoming events, activities, and condition of the course. The Rhode Island Golf Association will also use radio or television advertising as needed to promote business.”

Page 14 lays out the 2023 rates, which include $44 for 18 holes walking, an extra $20 if you want to take a part. 

Button Hole kids will play for free with a chaperone. 

Button Hole endorses RIGA’s bid on page 15 with a letter from Button Hole Executive Director Don Wright.

Most of the rest of the document is IRS information, W-2 information, Tax information and things of that nature. 

While there are things you can glean from it for sure, it’s not our focus in this case. 

On page 154 is Bob Ward’s letter to the Board of Contract and Supply. The letter is three pages long. We find that Bob Ward does a good job with it, and it is certainly worth reading. 

On page 157, RIGA lays out their Golf Management Philosophy. 

RIGA states that they will create a seven person oversight committee to provide a long term vision for the future of Triggs. The committee will include members of Providence Community action groups. 

There will also be a scholarship fund in partnership with the John P. Burke Memorial Fund, and summer camps. 

RIGA lays out their plan to improve the course and the area on page 159. 

As GolfNewsRI reported, the RFP calls for significant improvements to the area. 

There is a two -year plan, a five-year plan and a long term plan. 

With each improvement/fix, they give an estimated cost. For example, replacing the parking lot has an estimated cost of $500,000. 

New chain link fence is $40,000. 

The long term plan (page 161) is dependent on RIGA getting an additional 10 years added to the lease. 

Similar to the RFP, from page 162 to basically the end, there are pictures of Triggs and the improvements that RIGA wants to make. 

If you know Triggs like the back of your hand, and we know you do, you will find this interesting. 

The final page, 175, lists the improvements and costs of it. 

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