Course Review: East Greenwich CC – August 18, 2022

I had the opportunity to play East Greenwich Country Club (EGCC) this week. EGCC is a gem of a 9-hole public course on Division Street in East Greenwich ~ adjacent to New England Tech’s EG campus.

EGCC is a visually appealing, not as easy as it looks, 3200 yard nine hole course.  To the left of the course is NE Tech and near the small shack like pro shop is Circe restaurant (if I was Open Table, I’d give Circe 5 stars but that is for another review).

One of the things that keeps me coming back to EGCC is the welcoming atmosphere, nice layout, generally well-maintained conditions, and low greens fees.     

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

I find the first hole very interesting ~ a 351 yard par 4.  It requires a slight draw or a precision tee shot.  A shot to left will be blocked out by trees.  A shot too right will find a fairway bunker or leave you a longer than necessary approach. Today, I had the wind behind me and found the precise line and had a 50 yard chip.

The second hole is a dogleg par 4.  The dogleg was previously tricked up with a narrow brook crossing the fairway landing area and a tree at the end of the fairway blocking an approach to the green of a longer tee shot.

Both obstacles were removed this year and those changes made the whole infinitely easier.

A view from the 2nd green PHOTO: Course Reviewer

The 3rd hole is a great risk/reward par 5. The hole narrows at about 270 yards and the green has a small brook in front of it. Par is never a bad score.

Hole number four is a fairly straightaway par four. Hitting the narrow green with your approach is never a given and being below the hole is a must.

Hole number five is a slight dog leg right par 4 ~ probably the most welcoming tee shot on the course. I like to aim down the left side ~ if it goes straight, you are fine as the fairway tilts the ball to the middle; a slight fade off that line is ok too.

Number 6 is a short uphill par 3 ~ always take one more club than you think.

Number 7 is a reachable par five.  There is a pond to the right which will catch many slices ~ I aim for the left 150-yard bush and a good pass will put me in position for a three wood to the green.  Your approach miss always must be right and long.

Number 8 is either a very short par four or regular par 4 – the tee makers between the blue and white tees are significant.  If I am working on my drives, I will hit from the back tee.  If ~ like now ~ I am having trouble with my irons, I’ll hit from the whites.  

There is a pond only about 170 yards out so the club of choice for me is an 8 iron then pitching wedge.  The second shot is over a pond and the approach usually requires one club longer as the lie is usually uphill.

The 9th is a short par 3 where short of the pin is always better than long.

All in all, I very much like the layout and the people who run the course. As you can see from the pictures, the course is dealing with the drought as much as any nearby course.

The course’s available water is limited to the pond that protects the 8th green.

Given the low price ~ $20 to walk ~ and the generally nice conditions and a staff that wants your business, I give the golf course a thumbs up. 

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