Michael Edwards: What do You Value?

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What do you value? That’s a simple, but loaded question. It can have many layers, depending on how deep you want to peel back the onion. Well, I’ll shed some onion tears and pull back the layers. What do I value? I value relationships and serving others, treating others the way they want to be treated (aka The Golden Rule), family, and being able to pour into myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. In order to fulfill these values, I must value my time and creative freedom. Why these values and more specifically, why time and creative freedom? What are your values?

Michael Edwards

Why do I value time and why should you? Well, for many reasons. If I truly want to live into my core values of building relationships and serving others than that requires me to be efficient with my time. I thrive off of building relationships and networking. Hopefully, you feel that now as you read this and will feel that when I meet you or have the opportunity to work with you. My wife would say, as she did in her vows, that I am the type when we walk into a restaurant she says, “Go ahead, look for anyone you know.” I know that’s not everybody, but that’s okay! That’s what makes me tick. I also value time because time is precious and we are not promised tomorrow, which is why I recommend doing and pursuing what you love TODAY and prioritizing your time with yourself, your loved ones, and your audience… the people you serve. Yes, I said yourself because how are you going to love on others if you haven’t spent the time to pour into yourself? Invest in yourself so that you can give your best to the people around you!

What even is creative freedom, why do I value it, and why should you? Well, this blog is an example of creative freedom. I’ve dedicated the time to creatively express myself in a way which brings me inner fulfillment, and hopefully you, as well as allows me to connect deeper with my community and the people I want to serve. Creative freedom simply means, to me at least, expressing yourself in a way that brings you happiness and inner fulfillment. No matter the platform, I hope to connect with people on a deeper level, build relationships, inspire others, spark discussion, and spread ideas. It all goes back to my deeper meaning and mission of inspiring and influencing golfers and the surrounding community to perform for a greater purpose. It’s more than going through the motions of your day, it’s more than a job, it’s more than a swing. And the “it’s” I’m referring to is life, your life, our life. What’s your “more than?” What’s your greater purpose? What are your values and why do you do the things that you do? Have you ever even given that thought?

I encourage and challenge you all to devote the time to answering these questions. What are your values? What motivates you? What makes you tick? As one of my mentors, colleagues, and friends asked me, “what are the currencies that you value and choose to live by?” Hint: this doesn’t happen in a day, week, or even month. It takes time. So, go ahead and get moving. Set aside the time, get the chopping board out, and start peeling back those layers!

Until next time, take care and God bless!

About Edwards

Edwards is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who recently moved from North Carolina where he has practiced for 5.5 years. 

He is an orthopedic physical therapist who specializes in golf injury rehab and prevention/ performance. He is TPI Medical 2 certified and certified in dry needling. 

Edwards has worked with golfers of all ages and skill levels, from juniors to recreational golfers to even PGA professionals. 

He is a proud supporter of the Rex Hospital Open and the Korn Ferry Tour where he served as a physical therapist for the players in 2019 and 2021.

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