Course Review: Lincoln Country Club – August 1, 2022

I got the chance to return to Lincoln Country Club last week for a scramble tournament for my dad’s Sons of Italy Organization. 

After spending time as a kid at Triggs, and before making the jump to Kirkbrae, I was a member at Lincoln for several years. 

Prior to last week, I couldn’t honestly remember the last time I played there, so it was fun to go back and see some of the changes. 

The 8th hole at Lincoln CC

The back deck is now fully closed in, there is a snack/drink shack behind the sixth green and there is a cool looking gazebo near the fourth green for smoking cigars. 

It was also great to see head pro Bruce MacDonald still grinding away. 

The Course 

This tournament was a scramble, so to be fair to our readers, I want to make clear that I didn’t exactly hit from every single place and play every shot. 

The course was pretty much how I remembered it. 

Lincoln short-ish 9-hole course that forces you to hit precise shots into fairways and small greens. 

If you can’t do that, you will learn how to do it very quickly. 

Growing up, the course was great because I could go there myself or with my friend (RIP Josh) and walk the course, play and practice and never really be too far away from the clubhouse or the parking lot.  

As you may have noticed, there has not been too much (any?) rain this summer and so at Lincoln, there were parts of the fairways and rough that were burnt out. 

I’m guessing it is this way at a good portion of courses throughout the state.

The tee boxes were in great condition and the greens were in good shape for the most part. 

They rolled nicely and we were able to make our fair share of putts that day. 

There is only one par-5 (the 6th hole) on the course and if you hit a good tee ball, preferably down the left side, you can get to the green in two. 

I came up about 90 yards short of doing that. 

There are two par threes, the third hole and eighth hole. 

The third hole is a pretty basic up hill par 3 with a bunker in the front. Depending on what the wind is doing, hit an extra club. 

The 8th hole is one of my favorite holes. It is just a short, down hill par-3 that is just another example of par-3’s don’t have to be long to be tough. 

The first time around I made birdie, the second time around, playing from a little further back, I put my ball in the water on the left. Such is golf. 

PHOTO: Lincoln CC

The other hole I want to highlight is the fifth hole, it’s a short one, but so frustrating. 

The fifth hole is a dogleg right and the good players can take it over the trees and potentially put it on the green for eagle. 

The rest of us hackers try to put the ball down the middle and knock it on in two. 

The frustrating part is that the second shot is not long, but everything rolls off the back of the green and so if you don’t land the ball short of the green, most likely you will be chipping. 

It seems like an easy birdie hole, especially with the pin in front, but don’t be fooled. 

Great to be back at Lincoln Country Club. 

Lincoln CC is located at 31 Dexter Rock Road in Lincoln, RI. 

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