Course Review: Triggs – July 26, 2022

I got the opportunity to play Triggs Memorial Golf Course earlier this week. 

I have been to Triggs a handful of times over the last year or two to cover the World Series of Junior Golf, the Providence Open and various other events. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro

However, I don’t remember the last time I actually played the course. 

It is always special to go back to Triggs because I kind of grew up there (golf wise), as my dad was the President of the Men’s Inner Club for many years. 

I spent many a days putting on the practice green, eating BLT’s in the clubhouse and playing the course. 

So, always cool to go back and now was cool to play the course again. 

The Course 

The first four holes at Triggs always have been, and continue to be four of the toughest/best holes in the entire state. 

If you can get out of there with par or at worst bogey, you are doing pretty good. Needless to say, I did not do very good. 

They also might have some of the toughest par 3’s in the state. My favorite par-3 is the 14th hole, the one down the hill with the raised tee box.

The 15th hole at Triggs PHOTO: Joe Calabro

It fits my love of raised tee boxes and being able to watch the ball land. In my case, I watched the ball roll off the back of the green. 

Overall, the course was in great shape. 

The fairways, greens and tee boxes were all in near pristine condition, tons of green grass. 

Even the primary rough wasn’t bad. Most of the time our ball was on grass in the rough, which has always been kind of a “knock” on Triggs. 

Now, if you are way off the path, well, your lie probably wasn’t great, but within reasonable distance from the fairway, you were doing pretty good. 

A great day at Triggs was had by all. 


  • Raymond s palazzo

    These reviews are so watered down and lacking any substance…
    Some advice,
    who what when where why
    Why are the first four holes hard,
    Who’s the architect, (maybe obvious to us its a Ross but not everyone knows this)
    History when it was built and that is the only ” muni” in providence, accually is the only course in prov period.
    How much, Price
    Greens speed, you can borrow my stimpmeter any time
    Pace of play etc

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