Triggs Club Championship Bracket Released

The bracket for the Triggs Men’s Club Championship has been released. 

As GolfNewsRI reported earlier this year, Triggs is switching back to a match play format, as opposed to just medal play as has been the case over the last several years. 

These matches will be played on or before July 29. 

The semi finals are set for July 30 and the championship match is set for August 14. 

Check out the matches below: 

Championship Division

1 J. Amado vs 8 S. Hallas

4 M. Janus vs 5 K. Blanchette

2 T. Giorgi vs 7 J. Pellegrino

3 P. Angelone vs 6 B. Degnan

Gold Division

1 P.McBride vs 8 T. Cabana

4 K.Ferrara vs 5 D. Chaika

2 T. Geary vs 7 C. Bataitis

3 F. Chicarella vs 6 R. Pitrone

First Division

1 G. Soukatos vs 8 L. Federico

2 P. Hallas vs 7 B. Xavier

3 R. Jones vs 6 R. Goulet

4 B Dauray vs 5 R. Snead

Second Division

1 D.Jackvony vs 8 J.Ware

4 B. Donahue vs 5 C.Horton

2 J Catala vs 7 P.Gay

3 D. Rounds vs 6 B. O Conner

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