Pinned Teams with The First Tee to Launch Rangefinder Trade-in Program

GolfNewsRI partner Pinned is teaming with The First Tee to launch a rangefinder trade-in program called “Fore the Kids.” 

Golfers are encouraged to trade in their old rangefinder in exchange for a brand new Prism rangefinder. 

“We are very excited to partner with The First Tee on this amazing program! It’s something we have been working on for a while and it is great to see it come to fruition,” said Alec Lorenzo, Pinned Golf CEO. 


The old rangefinders will be donated to The First Tee. 

“We are grateful for support from organizations such as Pinned Golf, that help to support our mission to bring game changing opportunities to today’s youth,” added Tony Powell, Sr. Director, First Tee. 

The brand of the old rangefinder does not matter. 

About Pinned Golf

The following is from the Pinned Golf website:

It all started on one beautiful, sunny Saturday at President’s Golf Course in Quincy, MA. Three recent college grads loaded up their bags, the cooler and set out to go low. Only thing was, they were very average golfers and never actually went low. They would use every excuse in the book as to why they weren’t playing well. 

On this day the excuse that was consistently being used was…

“What the hell! I thought the pin was a lot farther away than it looked!”

This was followed with, “I know, I wish we had a rangefinder! Why are they so freaking expensive?!”

After testing countless prototypes, hitting many bad shots due to wrong distance readings (at least thats what we tell ourselves), and tons of lost balls, we started Pinned Golf. Our goal is to make golf rangefinders more affordable and into the hands of golfers all around the world to help improve their game.

Over the last three years, Pinned Golf has transformed from a little side hustle into our full time passion with thousands of happy customers. We cannot thank our Pinned Family enough for all the continued support and look forward to helping golfers lower their scores and not their bank accounts for many years to come!” 

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