Rahm Says Kids Stole his Ball on 18th Hole at U.S. Open

Defending U.S. Open champion Jon Rahm says that two kids picked up his ball on the 18th hole and ran off with it. 

“Somebody — I’m pretty sure I know who it was. I recognized the two kids that were running the opposite way with a smile on their face. (Laughing). I am 100% sure I saw the two kids that stole it,” Rahm told the media in his press conference after the round. 

Jon Rahm PHOTO: USGA/James Gilbert

Rahm his his tee shot on 18 way left  and the ball ended up under one of the TV towers. 

Rahm was given a free drop, which he would have been anyway due to the TV towers, and knocked it 20 feet from the hole. 

He would make the putt for birdie. 

Rahm finished the day with a one-under 69, and is currently two shots off the lead. 

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