High School Golf Scores – May 12, 2022

There was just one high school golf match on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, but it was a big one. 

A four way battle between La Salle, Wheeler, North Providence and Achievement First at Agawam Hunt. 

See the scoring breakdown below: 

La Salle 141, Wheeler 178, North Providence 191, Achievement First 251 at Agawam Hunt 

La Salle Scoring: Max Jackson 34, Olivia Williams 34, Joseph Earley 36, Nick Ferrara 37

Wheeler Scoring: Zoheb Akhtar 39, Spencer Krex 45, Nikita Young 46, Jordan Gaudioso 48 

North Providence Scoring: Ryan Bukas 45, Michael Houle 47, Luca Scatto 49, Ryan Gervais 49 

Achievement First Scoring: Jaden Hang 62, Michael Estacio 62, James Gilbert 63, AJ Kue 64 

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