Course Review: Plymouth Country Club – May 2, 2022

For the second year in a row, I got a chance to play Plymouth Country Club in Massachusetts as part of the second annual Pilgrimage, hosted by the Cape Cod Golf Guys. 

The event itself was great, GolfNewsRI got a chance to further promote our brand and make great connections with other golf brands and start ups. 

The course, however, was not quite as impressive as it was last year, but it is early May. 


About half of the greens were very bumpy and looked like they had not been rolled. 

Seems like they were aerated relatively recently. 

It made it very hard to putt and became frustrating at times. 

The other half of the greens on the course were great, no problems at all. 

Some of the pins were also in really tough positions, which was surprising for a Monday outing. 

Full disclosure, we didn’t make any putts on the good greens, or the bad greens, so there is that. 

Fairways & Tees 

The fairways and tee boxes were spectacular, as you would imagine. 

If you put the ball in the fairway, you really had an opportunity to make a great shot. 

There are also a couple of cool tee shots that would get any golf fan excited, especially on the back nine. 

One note is that the sixth hole is under construction and, for us, was shortened from a par-4 to a par-3.

6th hole construction at Plymouth PHOTO: Joe Calabro

In Rhode Island, this has been the offseason of golf course renovations, and apparently the same is true in Massachusetts. 

I think we made par on the shortened hole, but I remember the sixth hole from last year being a cool tee shot, so it was disappointing to not have that. 

But, I’m sure the hole is going to look amazing when it is finished. 


Overall, despite the cold temps and green issues, it was fun to play at historic Plymouth Country Club. 

Mostly, it was great to meet so many golf creators and innovators. 

Looking forward to next year’s Pilgrimage. 

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