Course Review: Allendale Country Club – April 30, 2022

I played Allendale Country Club on Allen Road in North Dartmouth, MA on Saturday, April 30, 2022.  The course was designed by well known golf course architect Geoffrey Cornish.  

It was my first time playing the course and I had heard good things about it; most of them were true.

I arrived at the course 45 minutes early to check in and hit the range. As you drive through the gate, the course seems like a common municipal course but is quite uncommon in conditions and friendliness.  The range is pay by token and mats only. The mats appear to be brand new and in great shape.  

Hole 8 at Allendale PHOTO: Course Reviewer

The range is a little short for longer hitters.  An older couple was  hitting balls next to me and I must have looked like a stranger. The introduced themselves to me and welcomed me. The man said that he has been a member since 1959. I retorted that he must be a very good golfer since he appears to have been playing here since he was two years old. He got the youthfully appearing reference.

My guest joined me on the range for a few swings and off we went to the first tee – a straight away par 4 with no tricks.  Since we had never played the course, we were pleased to be matched up with two gentlemen who had played the course a few times.  The first player was bad. The second player was worse. However, they knew when to pick up and on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at a crowded course, we never waited to hit once and never held anyone up.

I would think any review of Allendale starts with their terrific greens. The are very sloped  back to front and are very quick.  You are almost always better off with an uphill 20 footer vs. a downhill 5 footer.  I found most noteworthy that the greens were aerated during the week but were still in outstanding shape.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

The course is pretty much in front of you with a couple of doglegs that I would like to have back ~ I.e. I definitely could have bitten more off than the tee shot appeared to allow. There are water penalty areas on the course which really should not be in play if you are hitting the ball decent.

There is a nice, friendly vibe at this course. It has many members and they seemed to really go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable. I know we did.

At the bar, I found it refreshing and upbeat to hear that many groups were talking about their best shots vs. the poor ones.

The bar was fully staffed and service was quick and friendly.

The course price is a little on the high side ~ $70 to ride ~ vs. other nearby public courses. But I would say that it is well worth it.

I absolutely would go back to Allendale CC and will go back soon.

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