High School Golf Scores: April 29, 2022

There was only one high school golf match on Friday afternoon.

The match was between South Kingstown, Chariho and Exeter West Greenwich, and was played at Pinecrest Golf Club.

Here is the Score:

Exeter/West Greenwich 188, South Kingstown 189, Chariho 202 at Pinecrest 

EWG Scoring: Robbie Simoes 45, Tyler Lagasse 46, Michael Mahone 47, Matt Mears 50 

SK Scoring: Eison Nee 46, James Banks 47, Will Schold 47, Aidan McGrady 49 

Chariho Scoring: Ian Dunham 45, Jesse DeSarro 51, Kyle Brodeur 52, Jack Keaveney 54

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