Course Review: Potowomut – April 25, 2022

I got the opportunity to play Potowomut Golf Club on Monday as part of the Rhode Island Golf Association member packages. 

I did not pay for the RIGA package, a friend did and invited me. Just to be clear. 

I have never played Potowomut before, never even been there, and so I was excited to play. 

Right off the jump, just looking at the scorecard, was that all the holes have names, kind of like at Augusta National.

It’s a small thing, but I thought that was neat.

Playing Potowomut 

Overall, the course was in good shape given that it was April and on this particular day it was freezing out. 

The greens were really fast, which was surprising to me given the month, and so it took me some time to get adjusted. 

I really struggled around the greens, chipping and putting. The greens are relatively small and so if you don’t land the chip in the right spot or on the right line, there is a good chance it rolls off. 

Hole 16 PHOTO: Joe Calabro

Which was frustrating, but I credit that to me not knowing what I was doing. 

On a couple holes, specifically the third hole, there was a random ring around the green. It looked like they were in the process of replacing grass or had just removed dead or damaged grass. 

At the time we played, the maintenance crew was doing some work near the fourth tee. It looked like they had recently taken down a few trees over there and were trying to clean it up. 

Signature Holes 

Whenever I go play a course, especially ones I have never played, I always ask or try to decide what the signature hole is, or what the coolest hole is. 

Most of the holes at Potowomut I found to be just regular holes, plenty of room to hit, bunkers around the greens and on the outskirts of the fairway that don’t really come in to play. 

If you want a place to go and just rip drives, and basically swing out of your shoes on a consistent basis, Potowomut is for you. 

However, there were a couple of cool holes. 

I thought the par-3 third hole was a cool hole. It played 163, severely down hill. Cool view from the tee, cool hole. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro

The par-3 16th was also a cool hole, going up the hill with a bunker in front. I actually hit a line drive well over the green and onto the cart path way up above the hole. 

Needless to say, it didn’t end well. But, cool hole. 

Lastly, I thought the 18th hole was a neat hole. 

You hit your tee shot and then the second shot is over the water and up toward the clubhouse. 

It’s quite a poke from the second shot up to the green. 

Second shot on 18 PHOTO: Joe Calabro

I personally put my ball in the water, but it is a cool hole and surely is great for drama come club championship timer any other big tournament. 


Overall, I really enjoyed the day at Potowomut, despite the cold winds that were getting to us on the back nine. 

The course is in good shape, greens are fast and there are a handful of cool holes to look forward too. 

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