Updated: Course Review: Kirkbrae Country Club – April 22, 2022

I played Kirkbrae for the first time this year on the afternoon of Friday, April 22. 

This was only my second round of the season, so I was excited to get out there. 

I was really excited to play Kirkbrae for the first time this year, more so than usual, because the course had undergone notable changes in the offseason and I was looking forward to seeing them in person. 

Overall, the course was in god shape for the month of April and the greens were running at about 75% or so of what they will be come the warmer weather. 

With all that said, let’s get to the changes.

Hole #4 – Par 3

4th hole at Kirkbrae PHOTO: Joe Calabro

The fourth hole is an up hill par -3 that can play anywhere from about 130 to 150 from the men’s tees.

It plays significantly less from the ladies tees. 

Over the offseason, the bunkers on both the right and left were lifted and given better definition then in previous years. 

As you see from the picture, the front of green was also shaved down so shots that come up short will roll back down, leaving a tough chip. 

Previously, the front of the green was all rough and so while balls would roll off, they really wouldn’t go that far, leaving just a short chip or even a putt. 

Hole 12 – Par 5

The 12th hole is a reachable par-5 if you hit a good drive and a great second shot, except now there is a little more to think about. 

The front bunker on the right has been moved up slightly and expanded, making the area to run the ball up to the green a little bit less. 

If you end up in that bunker, it is a long bunker shot to the green. 

The other change that was made is that the left side of the green has been shaved down so the ball will roll all the way off and leave a tough chip. Similar to the fourth hole. 

Admittedly, it is tough to see from this picture. 

Hole 14 – Par 5

Trees were cut down around the tee box as Kirkbrae is hoping to be able to use the way back tees for championships and tournaments in the near future.

Hole 16 – Par 4

This picture is from last October. PHOTO: Joe Calabro

The 16th hole at Kirkbrae, a dog leg right par four, has probably undergone the most significant change over the offseason. 

In the picture above  the trees on the left, other than the big one that juts out, have been cut down leaving a direct line to the green from the tee for the top players. 

There was a fairway put on that side so now players have an option on which way to go. 

I personally just played the hole the regular way, hit a four-iron to the corner and played up from there. 

It was only my second round of the year, not looking to invent new ways to play holes just yet. 

However, if you go too far right, there is a brook that the ball could end up rolling into, so be careful. The brook was always there, it is just more defined now. 

There have been two bunkers put in on the left side (in the picture, right side if you are playing the hole) of the green for players who try driving the green and come up short. 


It was a great day at Kirkbrae on a nice but windy afternoon. Looking forward to playing the course again soon.

Kirkbrae is hosting a U.S. Open qualifier on Tuesday, May 10.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Joe Calabro is a member at Kirkbrae.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this Course Review said that there was a brook running across the 14th fairway. The brook (trench) will be sodded over and covered in the near future. It is not staying there.

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