Phil Mickelson was not “Disinvited” from Masters Tournament

Ever since it was reported that Phil Mickelson would not play in The Masters Tournament this year, speculation great that perhaps the Masters told him to not play. 

However, as we learned on Wednesday during Chairman Fred Ridley’s press conference, that was not the case. 

“We did not disinvite Phil. He is a three-time Masters champion. Phil reached out to me, I think in late February, early March and let me know he did not intend to play. That was by way of text. I thanked him for his courtesy of letting me know,” said Ridley during his press conference. 

Phil Mickelson PHOTO Getty Images/PGA Tour

Back in February, Mickelson came under fire following comments regarding the new Saudi Golf League that he is supporting, and reportedly helped get off the ground. 

Following that, Mickelson issued an apology to the Saudis, but not to the PGA Tour. 

Since then, Mickelson has lost just about all of his sponsors, including KPMG, Callaway, WorkDay and more. 

He has since gone dark. 

It is unclear when or where Mickelson will reappear. 

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