Course Review: Kings Crossing – March 18, 2022

After a long winter, it was amazing to be back on a golf course on such a beautiful day in Rhode Island. 

On Friday I began my 2022 golf season by playing at Kings Crossing in North Kingstown. 

For those wondering how I did, the answer is mediocre at best. I hit some good shots, but plenty of bad ones. 

Hey, it was my first round of the year, so I can’t complain too much. 

As far as the course goes, the King was in good shape considering that it is mid-March. 

Tee to Green

Most of the tee boxes were in great shape with plenty of grass and soft enough ground to get the tee in. 

Obviously, it is so early in the year that divots and dug up ground are not a huge problem just yet. 

While the fairways are not completely grass covered just yet, there is more than enough there to have a good/great lie to hit your second shot. 

Some of the areas were still wet (we played in the morning) due to the rain the night before, but even that really wasn’t that bad. 

On the second hole, the dog leg left par-5, the King is draining water out of the pond across the way. 

There is a large pipe that runs across the fairway, but it really doesn’t come into play, unless you hit a ground ball at it. 

For the record, I did not. 

Once we finally made it on to the greens, I found them to be in good condition 

They were a bit soft, as we didn’t make any ball marks. 

We also didn’t that many great shots into the greens, 

Overall, it was a great day, fun to be back out on the golf course. 

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