Tiger Says he will Return to PGA Tour, but “Long Way to go”

For the first time since the PNC Championship back in December, Tiger Woods met with the media and gave an update on his recovery. 

During a press conference on Wednesday prior to this weeks Genesis Invitational, Woods said point blank “I will play the Tour, yes,” however, it seems like he is still a long way away. 

Watch Full Press Conference Below

“My golf activity has been very limited. Still working on the walking part. Working strength and development, it takes time. Frustrating it’s not at my time table. I want to be at a certain point and I’m not,” said Woods. 

Tiger Woods

Woods was sure to note that he has seen progress since the last time we saw him at the PNC Championship. 

“I’ve gotten this far and each and every day is a fight.  And I welcome that fight.”

Since looking so good at the PNC Championship with his son, Charlie, there has been a ton of speculation as to when Tiger will tee it up again on the PGA Tour. 

The Masters? The British Open? 

“I can walk on a treadmill all day. It’s straight, that’s easy. But walking on a golf course where there’s undulations, I have a long way to go. Being in a cart, I can do that. But walking a golf course, that’s a totally different deal. I’ve got a long way to go,” said Woods. 

He added, “I wish I could tell you when I’ll play again, but I don’t know.” 

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