Course Review: Kissimmee Bay CC, Florida – February 4, 2022

I had the opportunity to play Kissimmee Bay Country Club in Kissimmee Florida.  This “bonus” golf was very welcomed.  I had traveled from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations to the Sunshine State for business and pleasure (read: golf).  

I already had three rounds in and thought I was done with golf on this trip.  I ended up playing with three friends already in the Orlando area ~ but they were much smarter than me and had left the work part of their trip elsewhere.

The entrance at Kissimmee Bay PHOTO: Course Reviewer

Earlier in the week I received an unexpected text to meet them at Kissimmee Bay Country Club at around 9:00 AM.

With Google Maps in hand, I made the 17 minute trip from my hotel.  When I arrived at the course, I saw a golfer in a tank top dragging his clubs to the pro shop. I thought I had made a mistake deciding to play here and I would be incorrect. I would definitely play the course again.

I arrived in the area of the pro shop and apparently did not look like a regular and was unsolicitedly and politely directed where to go. I paid my $59 greens fee including a cart and was again directly to the range.  

The range – which I found the turf  – and balls – to be in good shape – was directed at a lake. On the driving range, you hit your balls into the lake. I have seen this a few times before, but I felt freed up in my swing and hit the ball beautifully on the range.  

You hit the range balls into the water. PHOTO: Course Reviewer

Unfortunately that only lasted for the first few holes.

Our tee time was scheduled for 9:52 AM and this is when the fun started. The pro shop directed us to get ready to tee off behind cart number 20. Unfortunately, that was incorrect and we had skipped over 3 foursomes of women who were not at all pleased with us. 

Several of them went into the clubhouse to complain and the pro shop employee came out and clarified his error.

That ended up being a wonderful mistake and we chatted them up and everything was good.  The women all had two things in common:  They were all dressed impeccably ~ read: they looked like LPGA Professionals ~ and all seemed to play extremely well. If you had seen the initial line of golf cars ahead of us, you would have expected us to miss our scheduled tee time by an hour.  It was only 21 minutes.

I was on the 1st tee with about 50 people watching. I was surprisingly a little nervous.  I was thrilled that I hit a huge tee shot that I could not have dropped in better position. I played the par 5 first hole well and just missed a birdie.

The First Hole at Kissimmee Bay PHOTO: Course Reviewer

Unfortunately the Florida wind was a little too much for me and I faded to an 87.

All in all, the course is well designed, fun to play and fairly priced.  I found it to be in excellent condition giving consideration to the cost. 

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